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Maggie was pretty cautious when she stepped into the office at Roltime. Understandably leery, this brown lab was rescued from a sad and lonely life. Joy, the owner of Roltime Fulfillment and Mailing, adopted Maggie to join her precious family of five. Unbeknownst to Maggie, this is where she would start her new life and business career.

Not only was Maggie in a new environment, there were quite a few people busily running about. She was not sure about one in particular, at all. He was not there all day like the rest of the people, but just popped in once per day around lunch. Maggie attentively greeted him at the door that first day. With a few hairs standing up on the back of her neck and a low growl, she made sure he knew who was now in control of the office.

As you might have guessed, this man was the Postman. Now I know you have all heard stories about dogs and the postman, I know I have. They don’t always get along. Well, this Postman is a very smart man and it did not take long for him to realize what needed to be done to make friends with Maggie. The very next day, when he was delivering the mail, Maggie met him at the door with the same stance as before, he was ready for her. He slowly reached into the pocket of his neatly pressed blue uniform shirt and withdrew several doggie treats. I hate to say it, but Maggie can be a sucker for a couple of treats and well, it was lunch time. She immediately started wagging her tail and that was all it took for them to become fast friends.
Now that Maggie had learned the Postman was not a bad guy after all, she felt compelled to reciprocate by investing some time into learning about her new career. Mailing, after all, is not that simple. The DMM book of postal regulations was so thick that she could easily make a meal of it and then have some left over. Over the following years, Maggie has devoured everything there is to know about the mailing industry and has dedicated her life to ensuring that Roltime’s customers not only meet the required postal regulations, but save money on postage.

Please follow Maggie - The Postal Hound, in her blog where she will sniff out postal savings, dig through the pile of regulations and point to never-ending changes within the Postal Service.

Maggie the Postal Hound at Roltime

The Postal Hound

"Her Story"