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About Us

Our company began as ROLTIME Courier Services, Inc. in the mid 80's.  As client needs changed, the demand for cost effective and reliable warehousing, inventory management and distribution was realized.
Thus, the inception of ROLTIME Fulfillment & Mailing in the spring of 1990.

Over the past 29 years, ROLTIME has evolved into a full-service direct marketing facility. With online order fulfillment and inventory management, to complete list services, data management and automated direct mail, ROLTIME has exemplified professionalism and dependability throughout the industry.

Why Choose Roltime?

We want to be your Operations Partner.  With the common goal of SUCCESS combined with strong core values that govern our processes - we strive to become an extension of our customers business, providing top-notch customer service and project execution.  Whatever today's demand is for a Marketing Solution, we've got you covered at ROLTIME. 

You're in good hands.  As a long-standing leader in Atlanta's marketing industry, ROLTIME has maintained distinction by choosing excellence as our standard, period.

Our dedicated and experienced Team has proudly provided honest, consistent, quality services for more than 25 years.  We have built a strong foundation through integrity, attention to detail and affordability.  

"We are blessed to be able to do what we love, therefore it comes naturally to have a passion for going above and beyond the call of expectation."

                                    - Project Manager, ROLTIME Fulfillment

Quality Assurance

Roltime consistantly exceeds the expectations of our customers.  Our dedicated team of industry experts come alongside, working closely with our customers and vendors alike.  We provide tried and proven solutions for all direct mail related and  fulfillment projects.  We take pride in knowing that our performance standards far exceed those of the general fulfillment industry, as stated by current customers.

Minority Status

ROLTIME is owned and operated by women.  We are certified by the Womens Business Enterprise.

Operational Environment and Facilities

Operational Environment and Facilities

ROLTIME operates out of a 28,000 square foot facility in the heart of Marietta, just north of Atlanta. We incorporate a logistical warehouse management system that includes space for over 1,000 pallet locations, secured areas and a barcoding system. The purpose of this specialized system is to provide a comprehensive accountability program for all products and activity. 


The mission of ROLTIME Fulfillment & Mailing is to continue to build long-lasting relationships with current as well as new customers.  We want to stand by our word and reputation, remaining a primary provider of high quality fulfillment, mailing and related services in Atlanta. Developing sound business relationships which lead to long term business partnerships is our goal. We take action, continually enhancing ROLTIME's expertise, equipment and personnel through leadership, training and technology. With this principle, ROLTIME will prosper, provide security for our employees and make our company's success possible.

Environmental Policy

ROLTIME is extreamly environmentally concious.  We have a contract with local recycling facilities and make every attempt to dispose of materials through these resources.

Environmental Policy